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     Welcome to Experienced Denim, the best site for used and vintage American denim! We've been concentrating on our craft for almost ten years now. We have the best used jeans at the best prices. (Get $5 when you sign up and verify a new PayPal account!) Check us out, and contact us at danedenim@earthlink.net if you don't see what you're looking for. We've got a warehouse full of items NOT listed here! This includes other types of Levi's, Wrangler's, denim over alls, jean jackets, bell bottoms, costumes and lots of vintage clothes and retro apparel (great 70's Disco wear, old school items, and vintage 50's and 60's shirts), and just general kitch, so ask and we may have it.

     Resold denim uses a system of grades: 1 - 4. Below is an explanation of these grades:
  1. No holes or stains
  2. Faded, possibly one slight hole/fray
  3. Broken in, few small holes or stains
  4. Broken in, possible wide holes/stains
     Sometimes we have extra long lengths for special order.
Contact us toll-free at 800.336.4694.

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